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Separation List of Career Staff by Title Unit Code

*This is a Super User only Report

This report will list career staff employees who have separated from UCR for a specific time period (by month, fiscal year, calendar year). The report will list the ID, name, personnel program code, title code, grade, step, hire date, separation date, separation reason code, separation reason description, home dept, home dept description, title unit code.

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In this report, Report Type of 1 Month Snap Shot is selected by default.

You may change the Report Type to 12 Month Cumulative and then further enter the Report Date in the mm/dd/yyyy format. You may also select the Bargaining Unit Code/s by clicking on the hour glass window next to it.

Finally click on OK and the report is generated on the web below. If you wish to export the generated report to Excel then please click on the Excel Icon below the report selection drop down box.

PPS Screens Return to Top
The PPS screens are organized so that an individual employee's data can be obtained by entering the employee's name or ID. To verify the data on the data warehouse reports using the PPS screens, each employee's name or ID from a group of employees(by org code or department, or division or activity) must be entered and each PPS screen listed must be interrogated. A count must be kept for each employee in order to summarize the counts and compare the counts to the counts of each report.

PPS Screens:
IGEN - Shows ethnic codes, employee status, sex code, hire date, separation date and other general information
IAPP - Shows Appointment and Distribution Data, this screen has FTE %, appointment
Type, grade, personnel program type, FAU, home department, bargaining unit
IPER - Shows employment service credit months

To reproduce this report in PPS go to screen IGEN and enter the employee id or employee name to get the separation date, hire date, name, separation reason code. Go to screen IAPP to get title code, grade, department, title unit code, personnel pgm code, and step.

Repeat this iteration for each employee in the group of employees that you have selected.

Query Builder - Return to Top
To reproduce Career Staff Separation in the Query Builder select from the following in the Criteria and the Columns tabs:

Criteria Tab

Fiscal/Year section
- This section is ignored even if you specify a Fiscal Year and Accounting Period
- The Separation Date specified is used instead

Employee Info section
- Select Employment Status Code equal to S
- Specify the Separation Date criteria

Appointment/Distribution section
- Select Appointment Type Code equal to 2,7

Columns Tab

Employee section
- Select Employee ID
- Select Home Department Code, Description
- Select Hire Date - Most Recent
- Select Last Name, First Name
- Select Primary Title Code
- Select Prior Services Months
- Select Separation Date
- Select Separation Reason Code, Description

Appointment section
-Select Pay Rate
- Select Personnel Program Code
- Select Rate Code
- Select Salary Grade
- Select Title Unit Code

Personal section
- Select Date of Birth
- Select Sex Code
- Select Ethnic Code

Export to Excel
To determine the Current Svc months and Total Svc months:

- Add 2 columns: Today and Curr. Svc months
- Today: Current Date
- Curr. Svc. month: Formula - =(Year(TODAY)-Year(HIRE DATE))*12+Month(TODAY)-Month(HIRE DATE) - This gives you Current Svc months
Add Prior Svc months to Curr. Svc month together and divide by 12 to get Total Svc. Month.

To determine Monthly Rate:
- Add 3 columns: Salary A, Salary H, and Salary B
- Salary A formula: =if(Rate Code="A", Pay Rate/12, 0)
- Salary H formula: =if(Rate Code="H", Pay Rate*174, 0)
- Salary B formula: =if(Rate Code="B", Pay Rate, 0)
Compare the results with those in the Report column Monthly Rate

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