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The Tools drop-down menu allows HRDW users to perform several actions within the Query Builder: Tools
  • Order Columns - The Order Columns control allows the user reorder the columns selected for a query. The columns can be ordered prior to the running of the query, or can be dynamically reordered after the query as been run.
Order Columns
  • Manage Favorites -  Manage Favorites allows the user to designate favorite or commonly used columns for quick selection when building queries. Clicking on Manage Favorites brings up a copy of the Columns tab. Users can select those data elements which they desire to have as favorites, then click OK. All selected columns will be stored in the Favorites heading on the Columns tab for easy access when building future queries. To use this feature, the user should have at least one query saved.
Manage Favorites
  • Save Query - This option allows the user to save a query for future use. The user will be prompted for a query name and optional description.
Save Query
  • Recall Query - This option allows the user to retrieve or delete saved queries. The user will be prompted to select one of his/her saved queries, and can then select OK to retrieve the query criteria and columns, or Delete to remove it from Saved Queries.
Recall Query
  • Export to Excel - This option allows the user to export the query results to Excel.  (This function is only displayed after  query results have been generated.)

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