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iConnect is now available at UC Riverside. iConnect is an innovative way of learning that offers students and faculty an alternative to in-person meetings. It creates a virtual classroom that allows real-time communications via voice, video and sharing any electronically generated material between instructors and students.

At the request of faculty, UCR's Multimedia Technologies Group will provide access and support the process of working with iConnect. Faculty will need only a computer with internet access. A webcam and microphone will facilitate distance learning applications through the use of live video and audio. Many laptops already have a built-in webcam and microphone. To control access, the iConnect "room" website address will be available through iLearn.

iConnect is meant to provide an enhanced learning experience for students. Students can attend their academic lectures by simply logging on to the "room" website. This setup allows the student to listen and focus on the lecturer and presentations without other distractions. Additionally, the professor has the ability to record the session and
share it online to provide a means for further study and review. This archive is not meant to replace logging in during the live online class session, but rather act as a supplement to provide an additional mechanism for reviewing course-related material.

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