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Best Practices

iConnect can be used as an automated delivery mechanism of educational instruction and content between faculty and students. Below is a list of best practices in the use of iConnect for instruction.

Distance Learning

iConnect eliminates the "distance" from distance learning, granting students the convenience of learning from their desired location. Both students and faculty will be able to connect in seconds.

Study Sessions

Instructors may find it useful to schedule further meetings with students apart from the class time to hold review sessions.

Provide Lecture Material

During live sessions, professors will have the option of recording the lecture material and sharing it online. Having the lecture material after the class session gives students the opportunity to review the material as many times as they need to and can also help them be better prepared for the next lecture. When combined with an audio archive, students will have the best study tools for exams.

Virtual Office Hours

Instructors can take advantage of the virtual space provided through iConnect by offering regular or extra office hours online. This will prove to be a great asset for productive time-management.

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