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Recording grades by hand and submitting them via paper forms can be a very tedious process. Moreover, problems often occur utilizing this manual process, including transcription and paper/file handling errors. In addition, the paper grading process can be slow and as a result sometimes delays students’ receipt of grades.

Recognizing these difficulties (as well as the potential benefits to both faculty and students of an electronic, automated process) Computing and Communications has partnered with the Registrar’s office and faculty from several colleges to develop iGrade. This grade-submission tool enables faculty to submit grades electronically to the Registrar’s Office (and the campus Student Information System) via a secure web interface. iGrade also had the ability to upload grades from an Excel spreadsheet.

For more information (or to share thoughts and feedback) please e-mail Israel Fletes (C&C Director of Educational Technology and Computing Services).

Faculty Comments:


“iGrade was so much better than the paper forms. I hope to be able to continue in iGrade and never see the paper forms again.”

Peter Sadler, Earth Sciences

“Thank you, this is a great time saver (and error minimizer). Very very valuable.”

Richard Sutch, Economics

“It's a distinct improvement over writing them out by hand, at least for large classes. Keep up the good work, and I'd certainly use it again.”

Peter Hickmott, Psychology

“PLEASE, may I use it from now on? I never want to see another grade sheet.”

Keith Hollis, Chemistry

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