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Using iGrade

  • Where do I find my course roster?
    1. Login to iGrade at After logging in, a list of your current courses will appear at the bottom of the screen (if you do not see them, please scroll down, they may initially be off the bottom of the screen).
    2. Click the name of the course you wish to view, and that course roster will load. For large courses, this process may take more than a minute.
    3. For a printer friendly version of the roster click the "Print Roster" button at the top of the page.
  • How do I add Extension Students or Other Students who are not on my roster?

    UCR registered students are automatically added to your roster. Extension students are not added to iGrade rosters and they must be graded using the paper forms. You may add Extension students to your roster for your convenience, however these grades cannot be submitted using iGrade.

    1. After logging into iGrade, select the course to which you wish to add students. Your course roster will load.
    2. Select Add Student at the top of the screen.
    3. In the web page that appears, enter the student’s SID, first and last name and his/her e-mail address.If you don't know the Student ID the system will assign a dummy ID.
    4. Select either "Extension" or "Other" as appropriate
    5. Select either “graduate” or “undergraduate” as appropriate, and enter any notes for this student.
    6. Select Add Student at the bottom of the page. The student will be added to the appropriate area of your roster.
  • Where can I see my Extension and other students?
    1. After logging into iGrade, select the course to which you wish to add students. Your course roster will load.
    2. At the top of the list of students, select “View Extension Students” or "View Other Enrolled Students". The list of students will change to any students you have added for that course.

    Important Note: Please remember, iGrade does not submit grades for University Extension Students. iGrade does not interface with the University Extension Student Information System. Extension grades should be submitted using the paper grade forms.

  • What are the dates for submitting grades?

    You can find the dates for submitting grades by logging into the iGrade website

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