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Get the most out of UCR's iLearn System

Here you can find support for UCR's iLearn management system. This section is intended to provide support for students using iLearn for classes.

How do I...?

How do I get an iLearn account or find my username?

If you are a UCR student (not Extension) enrolled in a course that is using iLearn you automatically have an iLearn Account:

  • login name: UCR Net ID (ex: jdoe001). Lookup your UCR Net ID here.
  • default password:  set by student upon receipt of acceptance letter.

If you are an Extension student enrolled in a course that is using iLearn, and have not previously received an iLearn account, please contact Extension Student Services at (951) 827-4105 for assistance.

How do I use iLearn on campus?

You may access iLearn from any student computer lab. Student Computing Services manages a number of computer labs for student use. Since these labs' primary purpose is to support instruction the labs are often reserved for classes. To avoid delays check the lab schedules posted outside each lab or on-line here .


Use your personal laptop to connect to the campus network. For more information on getting connected and all of UCR's computing resources click here for the iGuide.

How do I reset my iLearn password?

If you are a formal (not Extension) UCR student, your default iLearn password is your original Permanent PIN. If your password is not working then you can reset your password online.

If you are an University Extension student, contact Extension Student Services at (951) 827-4105 for assistance. Extension students use Moodle for their online courses.

How do I participate in a Discussion Forum?

Your course by default has a Discussion Board button on the main page, in the left menu, which will take you directly to the Discussion Board. There is also a "Discussion Board" link on the "Communication" module page for the same page. If you belong to a group there may be a separate Discussion Board there.

Follow the direction on the page to use the tool. You can also click on the online Help link if you want to know how to use it in detail.

To participate in a particular Forum or topic, click on its name (it will be blue and underlined). You can read threads by clicking on their title, or you can start a new thread by clicking on the Create a Thread button at the top of the screen. Once in a thread, you can see the initial post and all replies listed in a threaded display.

How do I check my grades?

There are two ways to check your grades in iLearn:

  • After logging into iLearn you will be on the MyUCR page. On the left side is the Tools module. Click on the View Grades link to see grades for all of your courses.

  • In the My Courses module click on a course link to open a course. Click the Student Tools link and click My Grades. You will see your grades for that course.
How do I register my clicker?

To use your clicker successfully (associate you to the clicker ID), you will need to register your clicker ID on this website. All clicker registrations are reset at the end of the quarter. Even if you registered previous quarters, you will need to re-register to associate you as the user of the clicker in the present quarter.


How do I hide a class on my iLearn home page?


1. Login to your iLearn account
2. On your account main page click on the icon in the upper right corner of the "My Courses" section, "Manage My Courses" module settings. step 1
3. Check or uncheck the boxes based on what information you want displayed on your home page. step 1
4. Click on Submit
5. Click on the Courses tab
6. click on the icon in the upper right corner of the "Course List" section. step 1
7. Check or uncheck the boxes based on what information you want displayed on your home page. step 1
8. Click on Submit
How do I get notifications about my iLearn classes on my iPhone or in Facebook?


Log into iLearn
Under the Tools menu click the Blackboard Sync link step 1
Click the appropriate link to download and install the app on your computer or iPhone. Follow the instructions for that app. step 1
How Do I Change My iLearn Email Notification Settings?

In Blackboard 9 there is a new notification system. You can now choose which email notifications you wish to receive from various areas within your courses.  Notifications can be set for: New Announcements, New Assignments, an Assignment due or overdue, a Grade Posted, and many others features. The current default setting will only send emails for new announcements.

To change these settings or add others, first, log into iLearn, then click this link.

Under "Edit Individual Course Settings", choose the appropriate course settings to edit for that specific course.

Supported Web Browsers

Traditionally Released Browsers

The dates listed are the original release dates for general availability.

Logo for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer® 11 from Microsoft (17 October 2013 for Windows 8.1, 7 November 2013 for Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 10 from Microsoft (26 October 2012 for Windows 8, 26 February 2013 for Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft  (14 March 2011)

Some configuration options for Internet Explorer might make some features of Blackboard Learn difficult to use. To learn more,  see Internet Explorer Security Zones and Compatibility View topic in this section.

Logo for Apple Safari
  • Safari® 8 from Apple (16 October 2014)
  • Safari® 7 from Apple (22 October 2013)
  • Safari® 6 from Apple (25 July 2012)

Safari for Windows is unsupported. Apple's continued support for this browser is unclear, and Blackboard does not test it.

Automatically Updated Channel-based Browsers

The dates listed are the latest numbered patch release dates.

Logo for Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Firefox® 32 (stable channel) from Mozilla (2 September 2014)
  • Firefox 31 (ESR channel) from Mozilla (14 October 2014)
Logo for Google Chrome
  • Chrome™ 37 (stable channel) from Google (26 August 2014)
What is the student username and password?

The student username for Blackboard is their UCR Net ID (ex: jdoe001). Each UCR student is given their own unique UCR Net ID upon registration. If they do not know what it is they can look it up online at or by coming to one of the student computer labs.

Student's password for Blackboard is their Perm Pin number (same as for their R'Mail account).

How Do I Unblock File downloads in Internet Explorer?

To stop the Information bar from blocking file and software downloads:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools menu, then click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab, then click Custom Level.
  4. Do one or both of the following:
    • To turn off the Information bar for file downloads, scroll to the Downloads section of the list, then, under Automatic prompting for file downloads, click Enable.
    • To turn off the Information bar for ActiveX controls, scroll to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins section of the list, and then, under Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls, click Enable.
  5. Click OK, click Yes to confirm that you want to make the change, and then click OK again.

Downloading Course Documents in Internet Explorer 8 Shows a Popup

There’s a bug in Blackboard caused when using the default security profile in Internet Explorer 8. When you click to download any Microsoft document format (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Visio, etc..) the download mechanism used by Blackboard causes Internet Explorer to treat the download like a popup. Internet Explorer will block the download and make you acknowledge the download. When you do acknowledge the download, Internet Explorer will take you back to the entry point of the course. You then need to navigate back to the item, click it, and it will properly download.

To download a Microsoft formatted document, right-click on the link, and choose Save As...

Why Can't I Open Document Links in My Course?

There are some settings that may need to be adjusted in your browser:

  • Verify that "Private Browsing" is turned OFF in Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Safari. This can be found under the Tools menu.
  • Turn off or disable add-ons in Firefox.
  • Check browser security settings and make sure they are set to "medium" or below. Also add as a "trusted site" in all browser security settings.
  • In Internet Explorer 8 turn on "Compatibility View".
  • Update your computer to the latest version of Java.

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