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Inception to Date Report - FAQs

Q. How do I find my reports?

A. The reports are organized alphabetically by Prime Principal Investigator (PI) last name. Use the alphabet legend to select the first letter of the last name. Click on the name from this listing to bring upfunds associated with that PI. Click on the fund number to display the report.

Q. Why can't I find one of my fund numbers on my customized listing?

A. By design, this report is only available for contracts & grants from local, state, and federal governments as well as private sponsors. The report does NOT include gift funds, initial complement funding or any other funding sources.

Q. How do I download the Acrobat Reader?

A. Click on the following link and follow the installer instructions:
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Q. How do I convert the UCRFS Accounting Period to Calendar Months?

A. The UCRFS Accounting Period follows UCR's fiscal year of July 1 through June 30. Accounting Period 1 = July, Accounting Period 2 = August,...Accounting Period 12 = June.

Q. Does this website contain historical information on my entire contract and grant funding sources?

A. This website will only display the most recently run report. In addition, it will only display funds with an "active" status in the UCR Financial System.

Q. When are funds "inactivated"?

A. Funds are inactivated when all of the following conditions are met: the appropriations and the expenditures net to zero by budget category, all outstanding liens/encumbrances have been cleared, all required cost sharing & matching reports have been completed, all outstanding invoices have been paid, the final financial status report has been submitted to the agency (if required), and there is no current fiscal year activity appearing on the ledger.

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