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To: UCR Faculty Members and UCR Financial System Users

Fr: Financial System Steering Committee (FSSC)

Re: New Web Based Contract and Grant Financial Report Now Available

As part of UCR's continuing effort to improve access to campus financial information (and to contract and grant fiscal activity in particular) the FSSC is pleased to announce the release of the Contract & Grant Inception to Date Report via the web. The report can be accessed by Prime Principal Investigator (PI) name and is organized by fund number.

The report may be accessed on-line anytime, but the web page will only be updated once a month after the monthly fiscal closing process is complete.

The Inception to Date report is a cumulative report of contract & grant appropriations and expenditures by fund (the report includes encumbrances). The Inception to Date Report will be available for each fund for as long as the fund is active. For more information about these on-line reports, please visit the following web site:

Please note that access to these reports will be limited to the UCR community. As such, the web site is restricted to individuals with valid UCR Net IDs and passwords. Your UCR Net ID and password is the same username and password that faculty and staff use for FOCAS services (e.g. RAS, Proxy, etc.) as well as WebMail. In order to use this web site, you must be physically connected to UCR's campus network. For off-campus access, a connection through UCR's virtual private network (VPN) is required.

Anyone experiencing problems accessing the reports is encouraged to call C&C's help desk at x2-3555.

To view these reports, please visit the following web site:

For more information about UCR's Virtual Private Network (VPN), please visit the following web site:

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