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Inception to Date Report


Inception to Date Report - Glossary of Terms

Inception to Date Report: Monthly cumulative summary of allocations, expenditures, encumbrances and balances by contract and grant fund.

Appropriations: Also known as allocations or the authorized expenditure level. This is a summary of the budgetary transactions associated with an FAU under the TEMP ledger.

Expenditures: Costs that have been incurred. This report summarizes costs by Budget Category and expense account number.

Encumbrances: Also known as unliquidated obligations, firm commitments or liens related to non-salary/benefit activity. Usually related to a purchase order for goods or services.

Overdraft (OD): This notation appears when expenditures and encumbrances exceed the appropriation amount by budget category. This notation can also appear at the direct cost, indirect cost or fund/activity total level.

Percent Spent: This the comparison of the appropriation amount versus the expenditure and encumbrance amounts expressed in percentage terms.

Budget Category: A logical grouping/summary of expense accounts used for budgetary purposes. For example, Budget Category 25 (Staff Appointments) is expressed as "BC25-BC, Staff Appointments" and is the grouping of staff salary expenditure accounts.

Account Number: For purposes of this report, this represents the expense account. This is the level where actual expenditures are recorded in the general ledger.

Direct Costs: In the contract and grant area, this is the funding from the sponsoring agency that has a direct benefit or impact on the performance of the agreement. Costs that directly benefit the project.

Indirect Costs: Also known as Facilities and Administration (F&A) or Overhead. This is the sponsoring agency's cost of doing business with the University. Costs covered under this category normally include laboratory space, contract & grant administration, utilities, etc. Expenses appearing under this section are automatically calculated applying the award's Overhead Base/Rate to direct costs expenditures. Departments cannot post expenses directly to this category.

Overhead Base: The indirect cost calculation methodology used to determine which direct cost expense accounts are subject to the indirect cost assessment on contracts and grants.

Overhead Rate: The indirect cost percentage applied to direct cost expenditures to calculate of the indirect cost assessment on contracts and grants. Standard rates are developed and negotiated with our federal cognizant agency for instruction, research and other sponsored activities.

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