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Inception to Date Report


Inception to Date Report - Interpreting the Report

The Inception to Date Report is composed of two sections: 1) A cumulative summary of allocations, expenditures and encumbrances since the contract/grant's begin date or 7/1/99 (the conversion of the new Financial System-UCRFS), whichever is later; 2) A current and cumulative summary of expenditures by account type.

Report Format

The report "Header" information includes the fund name/title, the activity code, fund start date, fund end date, PI Name(s) and overhead base and overhead rate as well as the report run date, Fiscal Year and Accounting Period. Note: Reports are produced monthly and are available at the close of each month. Only the most current period will be presented on this web page.

The first section of the report is organized by activity code and contains a summary of appropriations, expenditures, encumbrances, balances, and percent expended organized by Budget Category. Within each Budget Category, the Balance Forward, Current Period Activity and Cumulative Sub-Totals are presented. This data is grouped by function code with Direct Costs and Indirect Costs totals, and Fund/Activity code totals.

The second section of the report is the Expense Account Summary with a listing of current period expenditures by account number with an overall cumulative expenditure total.

Please see the following sample reports for clarification:

Inception to Date Report - Section One, Main Overview

Header Information includes Fund Number, Activity code, Fiscal Year, Accounting Period and other Fund Attributes.
Information is grouped by budget category listing Balance Forward, Current Period Activity and Sub-Totals.

*Note: Indirect Costs are listed separately.
** For privacy sake, details have been cleared in this sample...

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Inception to Date Report - Section Two, Expense Account Summary

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