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C&C Mission Statement

Computing and Communications provides transformative, integrated, and robust information technology services, systems, and infrastructures in support of UC’s and UCR’s trifold mission of teaching, research, and public service. Computing and Communications provides its services and support in a fiscally responsible and customer focused manner, with a commitment to diversity within an environment that fosters collaboration and collegiality.

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Accessibility Info Informational site on on Accessibility @ C &C
AMD Info Informational site on Application and Media Development.
Antispam Info Informational site for anti-spam efforts at UCR.
Area Code Historical Information site on 951 Area Code change.
AVC Administrative Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor.
AYSO Info Accessing UC benefits & Payroll Information from R'Space.
Calendar Administrative Service site for CNC's Network Configuration Service for Faculty.
CAS Administrative Support site for CNC's Central Authenication System.
Chat Collaboration UCR's Instant Messaging site
CIF Info Informational site on Communications Infrastructure Fee.
Clickers Academic Support/Informational site for Clickers.
CMS Administrative Support site for Content Management System Support.
COC Academic Support site for Conflict of Commitment.
Conference Calls Info Informational site about conferencing services.
Conficker Info Informational page on Conficker C Worm.
Copyright Info Informational site on Computing and Communications Copyright.
CPMS Administrative Support site for Capital Programs Management System
CSG Administrative Computer Support Group
CWO Administrative Support site for Communications Work Order System.
E-mail Administrative Information about e-mail services for faculty, staff, and students
EACS Info Informational Site on Enterprise Access Control System (EACS)
EAD Administrative Informational site about Enterprise Application & Development.
eBuy Administrative Support site for eBuy UCR's online purchasing application.
eBuyPC Administrative Application support site for CNC eBuy PC.
eCAF Academic Application support site for eCAF.
eClassroom Academic Support/Informational site for eClassroom.
EDIR Administrative Application support site for Enterprise Directory.
eFile Academic Redirect to Academic Personnel eFile system.
eFile Report Tools Academic Application support site for eFile Report Tools.
eForms Administrative Application support site for eForms system.
Emeriti Scotmail Info Informational site on Scotmail for Emeriti
Encumbrances Administrative Application support site for Encumbrances within UCRFS.
ENS Administrative Support site for Emergency Notification System.
ePay Administrative Application support site for ePay Online Payment Request System.
EPS Administrative Support Site for Employee Profile System
ERS Administrative Support site for Enterprise Reporting System.
ESAI Administrative Application support site for enterprise Systems Access.
eStorage Collaboration Support site for using eStorage
Exchange Administrative Support site for Microsoft Exchange email & calendar.
Faculty Services Academic Directory listing of CNC Faculty Services.
Finish In 4 Academic Information site on how to finish in four years.
Flex Academic Support/Informational site for Flex Classrooms.
Focas Administrative Informational page with links to Faculty Off Campus Access Services (Client VPN, WebVPN, RAS, Proxy, Wireless, Firewall).
Friday Letters Info Informational site on Chancellor's Friday Letters System.
GradSIS Academic Application support site for Grad SIS UCR's Graduate Studies online application system.
Handheld Administrative Support site for Email and Calendaring for Wireless Handheld Devices.
HRDW Administrative Support site for Human Resources Data Warehouse.
HRRB Administrative Support site for Human Research Review board Electronic Protocol Application.
iConnect Collaboration Support/Informational site of iconnect as a new tool of learning.
iGrade Academic Application support site for iGrade.
iGuide Academic Informational site on computing resources for new students.
iLearn Academic Support site for iLearn
IM Collaboration Application support site for UCR Instant Messaging.
iMap Info Informational site on POP and IMAP.
Inception Administrative Support/Informational site for Inception to Data Report.
IRB Info Informational Site for the Office of Human Research Review Board.
iRecruit Administrative Support site for the iRecruit (UCR's new comprehensive staff recruitment management systems).
iReport Administrative Support/Informational site for the iReport system.
iReview Administrative Support site for UCR's online staff equity and reclassification review system.
ISC Administrative Support site for International Scholar Center-ISConline
iShare Collaboration Support site for iShare File Storage & Sharing System.
iShareOU Collaboration Support page on using iShare OU Account
iShare Updates Info Informational page on iShare updates
ITLC Administrative Informational site for Information Technology Leadership Council.
Legal2Share Administrative Informational site about Legal2Share.
LMS Academic Support site for the UC Learning Center.
LRSS Administrative Application support site for Ledger Reconciliation & Storage System.
Media 2010 Info Site for requesting multimedia equipment.
Multimedia Info Informational site for Multimedia Technologies
NBA Historical Informational site on UCOP New Business Architecture.
NetID Administrative Support/Informational site on UCR NetID.
OCT Administrative Support site for Overdraft Control Tool.
ONI Info Informational site on Optical Network Initiative Upgrade to Internet 2 in California.
Org Report Administrative Support site for Organizational Financial Overview Reports.
PAMIS Academic Application support site for Proposal & Award Management Information System.
Passwords Administrative Informational site on Password Management at UCR.
Photoroster Administrative Support site for a "visual roster" providing faculty digital images of students enrolled in their courses.
PIWRS Administrative Informational site on PIWRS Monthly Expenditure Review System
POEncumb Administrative Informational site on PO Encumbrance Release System.
Policies Administrative Informational site on CNC Policies & Guidelines.
PreAward Administrative Informational site of Online PreAward Request System
Public Phones Info Informational Site on Public Access Phones.
RAS Administrative Support/Informational site on Remote Access Service.
Rates Info Informational site on C & C's Sales & Service Activities Recharge Rates
Recharge Administrative Informational page on CNC Web Recharge System.
Reports Administrative Informational site on UCR reporting tools
R'Mail Academic Student R'mail support site
RNS Administrative Informational site on UCLC Registration Number system (RNS).
R'Space Administrative Single Sign-On for all Faculty & Staff Needs
R'Web Academic One-Stop Destination for all Student Needs
SAIS Academic Application support site for Student Academic Advising System.
Sautter Info Informational site on Larry L. Sautter Award.
SB1386 Administrative Informational site on Senate Bill 1386 Security Breaches Involving Personal Information.
SCS Administrative Informational site on CNC Student Computing Services.
Security Administrative Informational site on Security.
Shibboleth Administrative Informational site on InCommon Federation: Participant Operational Practices
SIS Academic Informational site on UCR Student Information System Planning Group.
Smart Classrooms Info Informational site on locating any smart classroom.
Status Administrative Informational page on Application status of all enterprise systems
Student ECP Info Informational site on Student Computing Policies & Security
Student Guide Academic Informational site on UCR Electronic Resources for Students.
Student Technology Fee Academic Informational site on the new Student Technology Fee
Travel Administrative Application support site for iTravel.
UCRFS Source Codes Administrative Informational page on UCRFS Source Codes
Upgrade Info Informational site on UCRFS & eBuy upgrades
VCUARG Administrative Support site for University Advancement Report Gateway
VPN Administrative Application support site for UCR VPN.
Wiki Collaboration Support site for using eStorage
Windows Vista Info Informational site on the use of Windows Vista on campus computers.
Wireless Administrative Informational site on the campus Wireless Network.

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