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The iRecruit Systems have been jointly developed by Human Resources and Computing & Communications under the auspices of the Human Resources Systems Steering Committee (HRSSC), chaired by Vice Chancellor of Finance & Business Operations Gretchen Bolar

In September 2010 Vice Chancellor Bolar, recognizing the risk to campus operations posed by aged and failing campus recruitment systems, charged Human Resources and Computing & Communications to rapidly develop a robust suite of campus staff recruitment systems. The two goals of this effort were to (1) significantly improve and stabilize campus recruitment operations and (2) to retire the primary legacy campus recruitment systems, including:

  • Job Description Toolkit
  • Staff Employment Management System (SEMS)
  • Human Resources Application System (JOBS)
  • Staff Application Review System (Manager's Toolkit)

Rapid development of the iRecruit systems began immediately, working under the leadership of Associate Vice Chancellors Marilyn Voce (Human Resources) and Chuck Rowley (Computing & Communications). System development has been aided by a significant commitment of staff resources by both organizations. iRecruit's development has been closely monitored by the HRSSC, which gave its approval for deployment in April 2011. Deployment of the system is currently scheduled for May 16, 2011.

Deployment Details

Because of the number of system comprising iRecruit, their critical nature to campus operations and their use by both the campus community and external job-seekers, deployment of the iRecruit systems must be carefully managed and implemented. In light of this, Computing & Communications and Human Resources have adopted a two phase approach to iRecruit deployment.

Phase I,which begins on May 16, will include a campus-wide deployment of the iRecruit Application & Application Review systems. From May 16 onward, all staff positions will be posted in the new iRecruit JOBS Application System, and all application review for these recruitments will be conducted through the iRecruit Application Review System.

Simultaneous with this deployment a significant group of early adopters will begin utilizing the Job Description & Requisition Systems for the creation and posting of their recruitments. The following campus units will be included in the Early Adopters Group:

  • Botany & Plant Sciences
  • CNAS Dean's Office
  • Computing & Communications
  • Entomology
  • Finance & Business Operations (all departments)
  • Student Affairs (all departments)
  • University Advancement

These early adopters will provide Human Resources & Computing & Communications with feedback on their use of iRecruit, and help to guide system development in the period following deployment.

Phase II, which will begin in Summer 2011, will consist of training the remaining campus units & deployment of the Job Description & iRecruit Requisition systems to these units. This deployment is expected to be concluded by Fall 2011.

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