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Applicant Review

Q. How long will information be stored in the UCR Jobs system?

A. Account information will be stored indefinitely on the UCR Jobs system. This allows the user to apply for positions at UCR at any time they please.

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Q. Will new applications need to be created each time an applicant applies?

A. No, the system is designed to normalize and expedite the application process at UCR. The Master Application that applicants create can be used for any position they apply to at UCR. Furthermore, the Master Application may be updated and changed at any time.

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Q. May users change their e-mail addresses?

A. The system is set up so that the identity e-mail users create will remain their permanent login information for the UCR Jobs system. However, an alternate e-mail address may be designated should the user want e-mails sent to another address. Users must updat ethis data in the Master Application - Profile section.

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Q. May passwords be changed?

A.Yes, passwords may be changed under the "Account Information" link of the applicant account site

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Q. What is the difference between the elements in posting text (posted position purpose, posted minimum requirements, and posted preferred qualifications) and the information in the tabs created in the requisition?

A. The posting text tab allows the department to define the information that will display to the applicant on the UCR Jobs website.The department may post information on the position purpose, minimum requirements, and preferred qualifications. This is different from the previous functions as this information will show to the applicant whereas the previous functions define the requisition.

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Q. What is a Title Code?

A. The title code is a numeric generalization of the job description that determines the requisition’s job characteristics and defines the necessary details of the unique position.

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Q. What is the Grade/Step?

A. The Grade/Step details define how an employee may increase their salary. The primary goal of the grade level review process is to place the position in relation to other positions on the campus and, in some instances, positions at other campuses. The step based review process is determined by merit of duration and quality of time worked at the University.

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Q. What is the HEERA Code?

A. HEERA gives the employees the right to select a union to represent them exclusively in their employment relationship with the University. State law provides employees with the right to form, join, or participate in union activities and their right to not form, join or, participate in union activities. If a union becomes the exclusive representative, the law gives the union the right to negotiate a contract with the University that will determine the terms and conditions of employment for all employees in titles in the collective bargaining unit.

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Q. What is the difference between a Search Committee Chair and Chair’s Associate?

A. The two roles have identical abilities within the system, and are responsible for inputting information regarding the disposition of each applicant reviewed within the course the recruitment. The Chair’s Associate role assumes the duties of the Chair when the Chair cannot participate in the requisition.

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 Q. What is the role of the Search Committee Member?

A. The Search Committee Members within the iRecruit Application Review system are responsible for reviewing applicants as directed by the Search Committee Chair/Chair's Associate, and providing comments on the qualifications of these applicants.

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Q. I am the Dep/ORG HR Coordinator. Why can't I access/control the recruitment?

A. Recruitments can only be accessed when they are in the user's queue. A posted recruitment can only be accesssed by the Search Committee. The Search Committee Char and Chair's Associate has control to the recruitment while in the review process. To have access, the user must be granted Chair or Associate access.

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Q. I want to close or pull the posting down from the JOBS site during the review process. How may I do so?

A. The posting does not come down off the site unless it is past the posting period specified in requisition or the Chair routes the recruitment to the Department HR Coordinator

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Q. I clicked "Save & Route Candidate to Human Resources Coordinator" but the recruitment is still listed on the JOBS site. Why?

A. Routing a candidate to the HR Coordinator does not close out the recruitment. To close out a recruitment, please ensure that all candidates have an appropriate decision code made. When that is complete, a "Route Requisition to HR Coordinator" link will appear and that will route the recruitment forward for finalization.

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Q. How can I cancel the recruitment?

A. The search committee char/associate needs to enter a decision code for each candidate and route it forward to the Deptartment HR Coordinator. The Deptartment HR Coordinator can mark the recruitment as "Unsuccessful."

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