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Job Description System

The Job Description System (JDS) allows Department/Service Center Human Resources Coordinators to create, edit & manage the Job Description (JD) that is at the heart of the requisition process. This page describes the various elements of the JDS interface, and the process of creating and modifying a JD within iRecruit.For recruitment purposes, the JDS is accessed through the iRecruit system, with which it is tightly integrated.

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    When initiating a requisition, two options for creating the JD are available for the department user. The user may choose to:

    Search for an existing job description to use as a template

    • Selecting to search for an existing job description allows the department user to search for a preexisting JD to copy for the requisition. Upon selecting to search for an existing job description, users will be presented with a search query tool. Users can use this screen to locate the existing JD.
    • Users must click on the magnifying glasses next to the text fields to populate the Title Code, Org Unit, and Home Department fields to perform a search. A search dialog will appear for each magnifying glass clicked and the user can search and filter their results.
    • Job Description Thumbnail To copy a JD to the new requisition, the user must click "Select as Template" All information from the selected JD (with the exception of the Department, Department Head and Supervisor fields) will automatically be copied into the JD for the new requisition, and is then available for modification.
  • Opening a blank job description

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    Opening a blank job description allows the department user to create a new job position for the requisition. Selecting to open a blank job description will bring the user to the General Info tab of the JDS interface and allow the user to populate the various JD fields.

  • General Information

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      The general info tab establishes the overall foundation that is necessary for the rest of the requisition. The following information is input within the General Info tab:

    • Title Code Information.Defining a Title Code will additionally auto-populate the Payroll Title, Grade/Step, FLSA, Personnel Program Code & Description, and the Bargaining Unit Code and Description. The HEERA Code & Working Title are input independently.
    • Department information, including the department the position will exist in, department head and supervisor,
    • Other Position Details. These includes any special requirements of the position, positions supervised by this position. level of supervision and equipment, machines & vehicles utilized by the position.
  • Position Purpose

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    The position purpose tab allows the department user to describe the purpose of the position.

  • Essential Functions

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    The essential functions tab allows the department to define the functions necessary of the position. The grid set up allows the department to define priorities on tasks and functions. The user can set a percentage value relevant the percent of time and effort expected for the specified function.

  • Minimum Requirements

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    The minimum requirements tab allows the department to define the minimum requirements necessary for the applicant. The department may set a display order to the minimum requirements sections for the application overview.

  • Preferred Qualifications

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    The preferred qualifications tab allows the department to define the preferred qualifications necessary for the applicant. The department may set a display order to the preferred qualifications to how a preferred precedent in the application overview.

  • Posting Text

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    The posting text tab allows the department to define the information that will display to the applicant on the UCR Jobs website. The department may post information on the position purpose, minimum requirements, and preferred qualifications. This is different from the previous functions as this information will show to the applicant whereas the previous functions define the requisition.

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