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Requisition System

The iRecruit Requisition System is utilized, along with the Job Description System (JDS), to develop a recruitment plan and package and to route this recruitment package for review, approval and posting on the iRecruit Application System. The Requisition system contains all of the key information required for Human Resources to review, classify and post the position for recruitment. The Requisition System also retains the recruitment information as a permanent record.

For more information about Requisition System routing & roles, see the Routing & Roles section.

The Requisition interface consists of the following tabs, which must be completed by the user before the recruitment package can be routed for approval:


HR Overview

The Overview screen displays a summary of the requisition details captures within the other system tabs. This summary is available to allow the user to easily review the Requisition data elements at any time.

Job Description

HR Job Description

The Job Description tab is the gateway to the Job Description (JD) associated with the requisition. The JD is the heart of the recruitment, and the iRecruit system requires that the JD be initiated before allowing the Department HR Coordinator to work on any other part of the requisition.

The Job Description tab has two display modes:

  • When the Department HR Coordinator first opens the requisition, they are presented with links allowing the JD to be initiated either from scratch or by copying a JD already extant within the system.
  • Once the JD has been initiated, the JD tab shows a summary of the JD information, as well as (when appropriate) a link to enter the Job Description System (JDS) interface to further edit the JD.

For more information on the JDS and the creation/editing of the JD, please click on the Job Description link in the left-hand navigation.

Recruitment Profile

HR Recruitment Profile

The Recruitment Profile tab contains the key recruitment-specific information about the position being recruited. Many of the fields on this tab are pulled from the JDS, and are editable only within that interface. The data elements entered directly into this tab include:

  • Work Schedule
  • Working Location - This data is pulled from the official campus space database.
  • Organizational Chart - This information is uploaded in Word (.DOC/.DOCX), PDF (.PDF), Excel (.XLS/.XLSX) or Visio (.VSD) format.
  • Appointment Type
  • Position Type
  • Advertised Salary - For represented position, the entire salary step schedule is automatically posted. For non-represented positions, the user may select a minimum and maximum posted salary.

Users may also indicate on this page whether they will require the full application to be filled out by all applicants, or whether applicants will be able to apply with just a resume (by policy, all applicants selected for interview must complete the entire application before the interview is conducted). Finally, users may input an additional title code at which to recruit, if desired.

Recruitment Plan

Recruitment Plan

The Recruitment Plan tab contains key pieces of information about the recruitment, including:

  • Posting Period - Users may select from the Required Posting Period (automatically calculated by the system), Open until Filled, or Continuous.
  • Recruitment Contact - This information is utilized by Human Resources when questions arise about a recruitment.
  • Placement Goals – This information outlines specific goals for the recruitment plan that adhere to goals such as UCR Affirmative Action goals.
  • Advertising Resources – This field allows the user to record what other venues (besides the job position will be advertised on.
  • Other Recruitment Details – This section allows the user to include additional information such as overall recruitment plan, expected hire date, timeline for the search, other information relating to the recruitment, etc.


HR Approvals

The Approvals tab allows the Department HR Coordinator and Organization HR Coordinator to check the changes that the HR Review process has made. The department and organization may use the Approvals tab to approve the changes that the HR process has made to the requisition.


HR Comments

The comments tab allows the HR user to specify any comments they have over any changes or details of the requisition. Comments made will be visible to all users related to the requisition.


HR Attachments

The attachments tab allows any user to upload any pertinent documents to the requisition. Attachments may be viewed by all users associated with the requisition.

HR Review

HR Review

The HR Review tab is only visible to HR personnel. The HR Review tab allows the HR user to review and set a posting date for the requisition. The HR user may select to “Feature” the requisition on the application site as well as defining a category for with the requisition falls under.

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