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iRecruit Roles

iRecruit has four principal roles used in the creation and processing of requisitions. They are as follows:

  • Departmental HR Coordinator – The Departmental HR Coordinator is responsible for initiating the requisition. The departmental coordinator prepares the job description and ensures proper procedures for review and approval at the departmental level are met. The departmental coordinator sets details such as the members of the search committee, minimum and preferred requirements, and the recruitment plan.
  • Organizational HR Coordinator – The Organizational HR Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the departmental requisition is approvable based on organizational standards. The organizational coordinator may update or edit any aspect of the requisition.
  • HR Classification Analyst – The HR Classification Analyst is responsible for ensuring all the requisition details are classified correctly. The classification analyst ensures that job specific details such as salary or title code classification are identified correctly.
  • HR Recruitment Analyst – The HR Recruitment Analyst is responsible for preparing and posting the job description. The recruitment analyst is responsible for the HR Review of the requisition and the candidates.

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