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iRecruit Routing

The iRecruit suite of systems provides a comprehensive, end to end electronic process for UCR's staff recruitments. In support of this objective, each of iRecruit's systems contains distinct roles and routing functionality. Please click on the appropriate tab below to review the roles & routing for a particular iRecruit system:

  • Requisition Creation
    The requisition is initiated by the Department HR Coordinator. The Departmental Coordinator is responsible for inputting all the pertinent information for the requisition which includes job description, payroll title codes, and additional and relevant requirements. The department will define the members of the search committee and the search committee will be responsible for selecting and approving applicants. The application is routed for review to the Organizational HR Coordinator, the HR Classification Analyst, and the HR Recruitment Analyst. When the requisition satisfies all university standards requirements for requisition, it may be approved and posted.
  • Application Creation and Submission
    The Master Application created by the applicant is useful in allowing the applicant to apply for multiple positions at any time the applicant wants. Once the applicant submits the application, they can view their status in their account overview in the “Applications in Progress” page. All applications submitted by the applicant may be checked through that.
  • Application Review
    Completed applications will appear in the Search Committee’s applicant pools. Search committee members are responsible for reviewing and making a decision on the applications. The search committee chair is responsible for making a final decision based on the recommendations of their members
  • Extending Position Offer
    After an application has been approved, their file is routed to the Department HR Coordinator. The department coordinator is responsible for notifying and processing all the necessary paperwork in completing the requisition.

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