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The Search Engine tool allows for all users with EACS iRecruit roles (including Affirmative Action users) to search for requisitions in their accountability structure. Users with access to multiple ORGS and departments will have access to multiple structures in the search results. Search Engine 1
Each field is optional, and searching with all fields blank will yield the highest possible amount of results within the user’s EACS assigned structure. Making multiple selections will narrow down the results. Please note that the user must select "Save" in EACH selection window. Selecting “Close” will not save the selection. Search Engine 6
For users with access to multiple ORG structures, selecting a specific organization will limit the number of available departments to the ORG selection. Deselecting specific ORG structures will open the number of available departments for searching to all the available accountability structures. Search Engine 1
Please note, if no results can be found with the selected criteria, the search results window will return blank. Search Engine 1

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