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As part of UCR's ongoing efforts to enhance administrative effectiveness and efficiencies, and with the additional goal of lessening the impact of paper printing on the environment, Finance and Business Operations (FBO), Vice Chancellor Student Affairs (VCSA) and Computing and Communications (C&C) has developed the new iReport system. iReport is a web tool that converts reports into a digital/electronic format for ease of distribution, access, and storage (these digital reports are available in formats such as PDF, Excel, or text). See a complete list of all reports available.

Additionally, iReport uses UCR's Centralized Authentication System (CAS) and the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) to secure and control access. Access to most reports is granted by Department SAAs, while some reports with sensitive information require special authorization. Report categories requiring special approval will be designated with an asterisk (*). iReport users who believe they need access to these secure report categories should send e-mail to

iReport organizes reports by repository and category. With hundreds of reports being stored, the repositories and categories provide a quick means to navigate directly to desired reports. View a current list of reports (organized by repository and category).

A search engine also provides a quick means of navigating to reports. This robust search feature allows reports to be located by report ID or key words in the descriptive title. Additionally, the campus is in the process of migrating many additional reports to this new format. These additional reports will be available in iReport during the upcoming year.

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