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Accessing iReport

Access to enter and edit records in iReport is authorized by the departmental Systems Access Administrator (SAA) using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).

  • To obtain access to iReport contact your SAA.
  • See more information about EACS.

Requesting Access

Registration DetailsTo request access to iReport, contact your SAA. Your SAA will need to know which categories you will be accessing. Review the website to determine in which Repository and Category reports you use are stored. Reports have been categorized functionally - for example, Advising, Registration, PPS Monthly Reports-Departmental, etc. This list displays all reports currently on iReport. Included in the list is a description of the report to help you determine if the reports support your job function.

Granting Access

SAA CategoriesIf you are a Departmental SAA granting access to iReport, upon selecting iReport, you will be given a list of Repositories and Categories. Check each category of reports to which you are granting access and save.

SAA's should note that due to security concerns, only two (2) persons maximum should hold access to each accountability structure.  If an SAA attempts to add additional users (more than 2), a warning email will appear in EACS. 

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