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Step By Step

Step 1: Log in to iReport via R'Space or directly from the url, If you access the system via the iReport homepage, you will have to log in with your NetID and password. If you log on from R'Web, CAS will recognize your credentials and take you directly to the iReport Main Menu.

CAS login

Step 2: From the Main Menu, you may choose to access reports via a previously saved list of "My Favorite Reports" or one of the repositories under which report categories are grouped. The Main Menu also has a "Search" feature (See step 5), which will allow you to search for reports.

Main Menu

Step 3A: The Categories hold the individual reports. Clicking on the desired report will download the most recent copy of the report loaded to iReport. Reports are stored in either pdf, Excel or Text format.

SIS Menu
Step 3B: To view a report that is not the latest report, click on the box to the left of the report ID. Select a category to see a list of reports in that category. Clicking this box will display the last 8 reports loaded to iReport, and a button to "See All Reports".

Advising List (1)

Step 3C: If you are looking for a very old report, clicking on the "See All Reports" button will display a list with a scrollable pull down showing a history of all reports for this ID. Advising List (expanded)
Step 3D: Selecting a report from the pull down will automatically reposition the report selection grid at the top of the page to include your report. At that time, you can select any report on the list. Advising Menu (all)

Step 4: You may also bookmark your frequently used reports in the "My Favorites" Repository accessible from the Main Menu.

Simply click on the "Add to Favorites" link to the left of the desired report and it will automatically be added to "My Favorites.

To remove a report from "My Favorites," simply enter "My Favorites" from the Main Menu and click "Remove from Favorites."

Add to Favorites


Step 5: To search for a report click on the "Search" Repository from the homepage Main Menu.

You may search by Report ID by entering the ID number and then "Find."

Or you may search by entering "descriptive key words" in the "Report Title" box such as, "student" or "refund." If a search does not find your desired report, simply click on the "Search" link at the top of the page to try again.


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