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The campus is in the process of migrating many additional reports to this new format.  Currently, C&C and Accounting are reviewing a list of 295 reports in support of PPS.  We are prioritizing and identifying several reports that will be acted on immediately.  Following is a partial listing of PPS reports will be made available shortly:

  • PAR0302R - Personnel activy reporting extract exception report
  • PPP6007 - Tax reporting W-2 confirmation and and summary.
  • PPP0433 - Control file maintenance title code table list.
  • PPP5622 - Benefits deduction register
  • PPP5492 - GAEL detail by FAU/ACCOUNT
  • PPP6405 - Leave liability by home department
  • PPP6401 - Personnel processing time benefits roster
  • PPPCHECK - Payroll check disposition for MO
  • PPP4302 - Surepay employee activity
  • PPP6201 - Personnel status report
  • PPP4402 - Payroll audit record index report
  • PPP4303 - Surepay bank activity
  • PPP6004 - Tax reporting W2 processes W2 forms for active employees
  • PPP6004 - Tax reporting UI wages and Calif. state withholding tax
  • PPP5821 - Status changes for Non-U.S. Citizens
  • AA8104-A - Career listing by job group
  • PPP5641 - Reconciliation by employee within department
  • PAR0303R - Personnel activity reporting employee exception listing
  • PPP3802 - Payroll input register

To review a complete list of reports currently available on iReport, click here.

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