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iReview V2 Changes

Enhanced/Re-designed Routing

iReview's routing has been modified for better flexibility and accountibility. Multiple departmental & organizational roles and associated routing options have been eliminated and replaced with departmental, organizational and/or service center Coordinator roles, as well as flexible, logged check-out options for departmental and organizational review & approval. Email notifications and the timing of the notifications are modified based on the new routing design.

iReview Integration with Job Description System (JDS)

iReview is integrated with the new JDS, currently under development as part of the iRecruit system. iReview and the JDS will be modified to allow the incumbent Job Description to be accessed and modified as part of the reclassification/equity review. These modifications will be tracked and available as history to all appropriate users. As part of this effort, additional stand-alone interfaces for the JDS will be developed and made available.

UCR Branding/Look & Feel

iReview will be updated to make the user interface consistent with iRecruit and other emerging campus online tools (e.g. CPMS, etc.).

iReview Query Tool

iReview's reporting infrastructure has been enhanced by the addition of a comprehensive query tool, allowing for reporting on any of iReview's data elements, and export of report output into Microsoft Excel for further transformation.

Removal of Salary-related Metrics

iReview currently contains a variety of salary-related metrics, designed to assist the user with salary analysis. These metrics will be removed from the iReview interface.

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