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Compensation Statistics


To assist the department in assessing the appropriate salary level, the iReview system will calculate Salary Compensation Statistics. These statistics are available with the Equity Review and Reclass Salary Review request types. Once the request has been initiated, you will see a "Salary Compensation Statistics Link" in the lower left hand corner in the Employee Information Tab.  Click on the Salary Compensation Statistics Link to expand.


The Salary Compensation Statistics page provides relevant Organizational Unit Statistics and Campus Statistics. 

Organizational Unit and Campus Statistics are based on Proposed Salary:

  • Average Salary for  Proposed Title Code: Dollar amount  will be displayed.  Additionally, you will see a "Detail" link which will display the details of what makes up the average.
  • Proposed Salary Lead/-Lag compared to Organizational Unit Average: Dollar amount and percentage will be  displayed. 
  • Average Range Penetration for Proposed Title Code: Percent will be displayed.

Campus Statistics:  The same Salary Compensation Statistics will be displayed for the Campus.


The "Detail" link will display the following fields for each employee in the proposed title code:  Salary, Organizational Unit Code, Division Code, Division Description, Department Code, Department, Title Code, Payroll Title Description, Grade, Years of Service.

Please Note:  The integrity of the data is dependent on the accuracy of the data entered in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS).


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