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Equity Review


All users must read and agree with the certification before proceeding with a review. The popup allows the user to verify that this page has been read and that they understand the terms of creating a review. At the bottom of the page there is a box that when selected verifies that the user has certified the page.



This tab gives the user an overview of the information in the review.


Employee Information

The Employee Information tab displays the employee's current job description and proposed job description. It displays classification information. Furthermore, it displays information such as the proposed equity or reclassification specifications. The information is pulled from the employee's current classified job description. The employee information initially only shows current classified information; however, the section will expand when a proposed job description is created.

Emp Info

Job Description

The Job Description tab provides a link to the Job Description System. The Job Description allows users to create a proposed Job Description and compare it with the current classified job description.

Please note that an equity review does not allow users to change the title code and grade in a proposed JD.

Job Description


The Supervisor tab contains three required questions that must be filled in order to move forward. The Supervisor tab may be filled in by either the Departmental HR Coordinator or it may be checked out to the supervisor themselves to answer the questions. The Supervsior is responsible for completing the details of the reclassification or equity request, including the justification for the action.

The Department HR Coordinator may check out the reclassification review to the supervisor for the supervisor comments by using the Approvals tab.

Supervisor Equity


The approvals tab allows the user to check-out the review to any user (including the supervisor) for review. Approvals can be made by any user and are not limited to people with access in EACS.



The attachments tab allows any user to upload any relevant documents to the review. Attachments may be viewed by all users associated with the review.



This tab is for any comments that need to be made that don't fit in any of the other categories. It is also used when a review is routed down from the usual forward routing. Please note that comments are required


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