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Human Resources and Computing & Communications has developed a comprehensive online training presentation for iReview/JDS. This training, which mirrors the classroom training provided to all iReview/JDS users during deployment, provides thorough explanation of the features and instructions to use the system. For information beyond that provided in the online training, please consult the various pages under the Using the Program navigation links.

Before beginning the presentation, please briefly review the training notes & viewing tips below.

Using the Program Webinar (1:18:16)

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Training Notes & Viewing Tips:

  • This online training is optimized for viewing on screens with 1024x768 resolution or higher.
  • The training requires the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Within each section, users have a scrubber bar at the bottom of the interface that may be used to fast forward/rewind that section. If the scrubber bar obstructs any of the chapter links, it may be minimized by clicking on the "-" symbol on its left edge.
  • On some computers with wide format screens, the training module may initially open with a portion off the bottom of the screen. This can be resolved by re-sizing the browser window so that it does not fill the entire horizontal space of the screen (the sections of the training module will proportionately re-size).

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