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iReview is an online routing system, with multiple user roles through which the reclassification or equity request proceeds during the course of the review process. Multiple departmental & organizational roles and associated routing options have been eliminated and replaced with departmental, organizational and/or service center Coordinator roles, as well as flexible, logged check-out options for departmental and organizational review & approval.


Routing Small


All roles listed below are established via UCR's Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).

Candidate – The employee under consideration for the reclassification/equity. The candidate is not a routed role. However, future versions of iReview will allow the Coordinator/Initiator to check out the open review to the Candidate at the start of the process (prior to routing it to the supervisor) allowing the candidate to attach revised job descriptions and insert comments.

Departmental HR Coordinator – The Coordinator/Initiator opens new reviews and starts the reclassification/equity review process. The Coordinator is responsible for receiving the proper checkouts and approvals.

Organizational HR Coordinator – The Organizational HR Coordinator is responsible for approving the review based on organizational standards. After reviewing the reclassification/equity request, the Organizational HR Coordinator routes the review to Human Resources.

  • The Organizational Approver finalizes the request based on the recommendation provided by the HR Analyst.

HR Analyst – This role serves as the HR reviewer and issues the recommendation to the Organizational Approver concerning the reclassification/equity review.

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