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Security & Privacy Measures

Because of the extremely sensitive nature of personnel data, ISConline employs a number of security measures to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of employees whose data exists within the system.  The first thing that a Departmental Administrator and Departmental Approver will receive a Certification screen (done annually from the time of certification) with the following text:

“The University of California, Riverside is committed to ensuring that the information contained in the International Scholars Center application is kept confidential in compliance with both state and federal regulations concerning the use of personal information. Other than as required by laws that guarantee third party to certain types of information, or in response to subpoenas or other legal instruments that authorize access, personally-identifiable information should never be shared. In particular, do not re-distribute or sell personal information collected on our servers. This policy applies to information that is collected by any means whether electronically, by telephone or on paper.

By agreeing to this certification, you are agreeing to follow all University of California privacy policies as they pertain to International Scholars and their personal information contained in this application.

ISConline requires secure (https:) connections to all clients accessing the system, which prevents the possibility of data being intercepted in transmission.

Access to ISConline is established and controlled by departmental System Access Administrators (SAAs), subject to the provisions of UCR's enterprise accountability initiative. For more information on access controls to ISConline, please see the Gaining Access page.

Security has also been implemented within the ISConline system. All access is limited to the accountability structure. In addition, the Supervisor will only possess access that pertains to his/her direct reports.

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