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iShare File Storage & Sharing System

Spotlight on iShare

What is iShare?

iShare is a file storage and sharing system provided by Computing & Communications to all faculty & staff at UCR. The system provides 5GB of disk space that allows you to store copies of important documents (e.g. notes, papers, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, etc.). With iShare you can securely share documents with anyone who has a web browser and Internet connection; use iShare to overcome file size limitations of e-mail attachments!

Use of this service is subject to UC Electronic Communications Policy.

Who can use iShare?

This iShare server is available to all UCR faculty and staff who have a valid UCR NetID. All faculty and staff are given a UCR Net ID and password to access their e-mail, this is the same UCR Net ID and password to access iShare.

Getting Started

All faculty and staff will be supplied an iShare account. Your login name is your UCR NetID and your password is your UCR NetID password. You will be allocated 5GB (5,000MB) of disk storage space.

Getting Help

For general help with iShare, click on "Help" on the iShare screen. If you need further help, contact the Help Desk at or (951) 827-3555.

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