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Access to iShare

Only campus users with a valid netID and password may log in to iShare, which is protected via the campus Central Authentication Service, and all iShare connections, via both the web interface and desktop connection options, are SSL-encrypted.

Access to Files in iShare

All files and folders are private, i.e. not shared, by default, so no one will be able to see or access them except the user to whom they belong. When files or folders are shared, there are numerous levels of access available:

  • To other iShare users: When sharing a file, the first option is to choose individual iShare users to whom the file(s) or folder(s) will be shared
  • To all authenticated iShare users: All users who have a valid iShare account will be able to access the file(s) or folder(s)
  • To the public: Anyone who knows the URL of the file(s) or folder(s) will have access
  • Via tickets: iShare allows the creation of a ticket, which can be used to share files with specific non-iShare users. Tickets are sent via e-mail, and can be time-limited and password-protected.

Downloading Files from iShare

If the "dropbox" feature is enabled on a folder, exercise the same caution when downloading files uploaded by others as when opening e-mail attachments, particularly with any unexpected files.

File Backups and Recovery

Although iShare may be used to back up files, it should not be used as a primary file store, i.e. you should have a local copy of all files as well as a the copy on iShare. The iShare server is backed up for disaster recovery only. Deleted files generally go to the Trash folder and may be restored from there; if you have emptied the trash and you do not have a local copy of a deleted file, it cannot be restored individually (although C&C can restore an entire server image and extract a single account on a fee-for-service basis, starting at approximately $500). Server backups go back 30 days.

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