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Web Interface

Below are instructions for using the iShare web interface. For your convnience, we have provided two kinds of instructional materials:

  • iShare Essentials: This guide will teach you the basics of using the iShare web interface to get you started quickly.
  • Video tutorials: The video tutorials provide detailed, in-depth instruction on how to perform various actions within the iShare Web Interface.

iShare Essentials

  • Logging In & Getting Started
    Access iShare at
    Log in with your UCR NetID and password Click to Expand

    The iShare user home page will be displayed. Buttons for creating new folders and uploading files are available.
    The iShare home location is a default folder. Your home folder's name is the same as your UCR NetID.

    To get back to your home directory from any other folder, click the home folder link (i.e., click on your NetID in the path bar).

    Click to Expand
  • Creating Folders
    Click the "New Folder" button Click to Expand
    Enter the folder name and click "Finish" Click to Expand
  • Uploading Files
    Double-click a destination folder and click "Upload." You may also just click "Upload" to upload files directly to your home directory. Click to Expand
    Click Browse and navigate to the file's location on your computer
    Click to Expand

    To add additional files at this time, click "Add File" and browse for each additional file.

    Click "Start Upload" to complete the Upload process

    Click to Expand
  • Managing Files & Folders
    When folders or files are selected, options to Copy, Move, and Delete, etc. are available
    Click to Expand
  • Configuring Permissions & Sharing Files
    Select the file or folder to share and click "Share"
    Click to Expand

    Enter the e-mail address of the user. iShare will recognize UCR names and e-mail address and will present matching names in a drop-down list for selection. Non-UCR e-mail addresses may be added as well.

    Separate multiple entries with a comma or semicolon.

    Click "Next"

    Click to Expand
    Select the level of access for each user (View Only, Read/Write, etc.). Non-UCR users may not be authorized for Full Access. Click to Expand
    Select "Ticket Options" to modify the date range or set a password Click to Expand
    Click "Next" to proceed Click to Expand

    An e-mail message with the link to the shared file or folder can be sent to the authorized users. Additional text may be entered in the e-mail message.

    Click "Finish" to complete the process

    Click to Expand
  • Removing Access
    Select the folder and/or files, then click "Manage" and choose "Permissions" Click to Expand
    Select the user to remove and click "Remove Access"
    Click to Expand
  • Creating Bookmarks
    Bookmarks can be used to quickly access folders and files without having to browse for them. Bookmarks are particularly useful for folders or files that have been shared with you.

    Bookmarking a File or Folder
    Browse to the file or folder you would like to add a bookmark for
    Right-click the item (or on a Mac with a single button mouse, hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard and click the item) and click "Bookmark" Click to Expand
    Create a name for the bookmark and click "OK" Click to Expand

    Bookmarking an E-mailed Share

    Click the "Subscribe to and/or bookmark" link in the e-mail that you received Click to Expand
    You will be presented with the options to "Bookmark" and "Subscribe" to the file or folder.

    Check "Bookmark" and create a name for the bookmark and click "OK"
    Click to Expand

Video Tutorials

These training modules were designed for and best viewed with a desktop resolution of 1024x768 or larger. You may need to maximize your browser window to view these tutorials correctly. Please note that since these videos were recorded, there have been some slight changes to the software, primarily to the Sharing process. The instructions above are accurate for the latest version.

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