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Q. What is a UCR NetID and why do I need one?

A. New career employees are routinely assigned a UCR NetID by their department Enterprise Directory Administrator when they are hired. A list of Enterprise Administrators can be found here. Employee UCR NetID's can be found using the Web-based employee search at Employee Search.

Staff and faculty cannot access JDS without a UCR NetID.

Q. What is iReview and how does it relate to JDS?

A. iReview and JDS are linked together because the iReview system and the equity and reclassification process cannot happen without an active job description for that employee in the JDS.

Q. What is the Enterprise Access Control System and how does it relate to JDS?

A. The Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) is the online management tool used by Systems Access Administrators (SAA's) to grant access to the campus' various online systems. After authenticating a user's UCR NetID, JDS checks EACS to confirm appropriate user privileges. For more information on the Enterprise Access Control System, please visit the following site:

Q. Why do I get a "Sorry, you do not have any EACS roles for this application and no JDs are checked out to you for your review" error after I complete a review?

A. The error message occurs because the user had no other options/checkouts in JDS after they approved the checkout. The system periodically checks EACS after certain actions are made. In this instance, the user got that message because the system saw that they no longer had any active checkouts and did not have any EACS roles.

Q. How do I create a new job description?

A. To create a new job description, select "Initiate a Job Description" from the main menu and the user will be presented with three options: Initiate a Job Description, Initiate a Job Description from a Template, or Search for an Existing Job Description and Copy as New. All three of these options will allow the user to create a new Job Description.

Q. What is the difference between updating a job description in JDS and creating a new job description in iReview?

A. The update function in JDS allows for quick and simple changes such as typos and miscellaneous details to the JD. If major changes such as the title code are to be changed, please go through the iReview process for the employee.

Q. What if I do not know the UCR NetID?

A. If the employee's UCR NetID is unknown, select the magnifying glass icon next to the text box, in the General Info tab. A pop-up box will appear requesting the employee's first and last name.

Q. What are the Department HR Coordinator's principal tasks?

A. The Department HR Coordinator's principal task is to create and update the job descriptions within their department. For further information regarding the Coordinator/Initiator role, please see the Routing & Roles page.

Q. What are the Organizational HR Coordinator's principal tasks?

A. The Organizational Approver's principal task is to review the information that has been entered and make necessary modifications to the Job Description. For further information regarding the Organizational HR Coordinator, please see the Routing & Roles page.

Q. What are the HR Classification Analyst's principal tasks?

A. The HR Analyst's principal task is to enter and modify information based on HR classification rules. They are responsible for ultimately classifying the job description. For further information regarding the HR Classification Analyst, please see the Routing & Roles page.

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