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Job Description System

JDS Integration

The Job Description System is integrated with the following campus systems. Please use the links below to access the support sites for these systems to learn more about them:

  • iRecruit - The job description is central to the recruitment process, and is made available as part of the job posting. iRecruit users access a view of the JDS from iRecruit, and populate the job description as part of the requisition creation and approval process. The job description is classified by Human Resources prior to the posting of a position.
  • iReview - The job description is at the heart of the reclassification & equity review process. Candidates for a reclassification or equity review must have a job description within the JDS before the iReview process is initiated. Users access the job description through iReview and make edits to the job description to reflect changes to the incumbent's position (this is optional for equity reviews). The new job description is reviewed by Human Resources, and is classified (while the old job description is retired) when the reclassification or equity review is approved.

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