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JDS System Roles

The JDS system supports the following roles. Each role is assigned through the Enterprise Access & Control System (EACS). Please contact your department SAA regarding access to JDS.

  • Departmental HR Coordinator - Responsible for initiating and maintaining the job description. The departmental coordinator prepares the job description and ensures proper procedures for review and approval at the departmental level are met.
  • Organizational HR Coordinator - Responsible for ensuring the job description is appropriate based on organizational standards. The organizational coordinator may update or edit any aspect of the job description.
  • HR Classification Analyst - Responsible for ensuring the job description is classified correctly. The classification analyst ensures that job specific details align with the series concepts and classification specifications.

JDS Routing

Routing within JDS follows a specific department - organization - human resources chain. The job description may be checked out to various users along the way. Department HR Coordinators have the ability to maintain the job description after it has been classified. Updates to job descriptions are also required to be routed through the department - organization - human resources chain.

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