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What is Legal2Share?

Downloading Music

The biggest issue with downloading music is where we get it from and what we do with it. If you download copyrighted music from the web without paying for it, or burn music onto CDs and give them away (or sell them!), it’s illegal, and you might be prosecuted.

Downloading Movies

The same laws apply to movies; if you download copyrighted movies from the web without paying for them, or burn them on a DVD and give them away or share them, it is illegal and you might be prosecuted.

Legal Downloading

We all love music! We’re able to carry it with us everywhere we go. However, there's lots of controversy about where and how we get our music. With easy access to music downloads and file sharing software, it seems like everyone downloads music from the Internet. But a lot of music downloads are illegal. Record labels strongly object to illegal file sharing and have gone as far as to sue some music downloaders (at many UC campuses!). Many people are confused and have concerns about music access via the Internet, and we hope these web pages will help you understand the issue.  For example, why do people get sued for downloading music? (Please take a minute and visit for the answer.) And is there a way to legally download music? (Yes, and you’ve found the site to help you!)

So, UCR has partnered with several UC campuses to provide alternatives to illegal file sharing. On this site, you’ll find information about legal sources of downloadable music. Our effort to promote these legal services is in part a response to student requests for safe environment for music downloads.

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