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EACS User Roles

Roles Within LRSS

The Ledger Reconciliation and Storage System provides two roles that Systems Access Administrators (SAAs) assign within the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS):


A UCRFS Reconciler analyzes and reviews the completeness and accuracy of recorded financial activity. The Reconciler also ensures that all financial transactions can be supported with source information. The Reconciler, at a minimum, examines recorded financial activity for: :

  • Accuracy of appropriate FAU distribution (Account, Activity, Fund, and Function)
  • Completeness of financial activity for the accounting period
  • Compliance of financial activity for the funding sources
  • Appropriateness of financial activity for the department operations
  • Unusual activity, errors, and omissions


A UCRFS Certifier ensures that the reconciliation has been appropriately accomplished within the above guidelines. At a minimum, the Certifier is acknowledging that the ledgers (as represented on the Financial Transaction Detail Report transactions) are complete, accurate, and compliant with applicable policies.


The Reconciler and Certifier cannot be the same person for a given row on the Ledger Reconciliation Matrix. Generally, the Certifier role should be assigned to the Department/Unit Financial Manager

In addition to assigning LRSS roles, SAAs must also complete a Ledger Reconciliation Matrix to further define Reconciler responsibilities by Organization, Account Type or Fund type and assign a designated Certifier.

SAAs may create a Ledger Reconciliation Matrix from the EACS "Additional Tools" menu.

View the Ledger Reconciliation  and Support System SAA Guide.

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