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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When selecting "Reconcile Ledgers" I don't see any action items?

A. From the “Reconcile Ledgers” menu, click the VIEW OUTSTANDING PERIODS button. A list of outstanding items will display. Note the corresponding fiscal year and period and close this window. Next, select the Fiscal Year/Accounting Period drop-down menu and make the appropriate selection. The result grid will refresh with the action items for this FY/Accounting Period.

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Q. I am a reconciler, how do I know the FAU combinations for which I am responsible?

A. Within the LRSS application, from the “Reconcile Ledgers” menu click the VIEW MATRIX button. A new window will open displaying the FAU combinations that have been assigned by your SAA.

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Q. If I reconcile my PAN transactions to the source document how do I account for this when reconciling the monthly Financial Transaction Detail Report?

A. Transactions that have been validated through the PAN process can be annotated on the ledgers that validation has previously occurred. The Reconciler could also conduct a reasonableness analysis such as comparing financial summaries of PAN transactions to budget or to expected outcomes.

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Q. How will I know when the monthly ledger is available for review?

A. Typically, Accounting closes the monthly ledger by the fifth working day of the month. An email notification will be sent to all LRSS reconcilers announcing the monthly ledger is available for review.

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Q. What is the due date for reconciling the monthly ledger?

A. FTD Reports must be reconciled and certified by the 15th of the subsequent month or by the applicable year-end closing schedule.
Email notifications will be sent to SAAs if a monthly ledger has not been reconciled by the due date.

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Q.  I’d like to use Adobe Publisher to add notes, highlight and check items on my ledgers.  How do I get started?

A. The markup/comment options for PDF documents is available to users who have Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional – or latest version, 9.0 (as of October, 2008)

Purchasing information

Software House International (SHI), UC Systemwide Agreement

Login information

username: ucriverside
password: ucriverside

SHI will accept both eBuy DAPOs and the UCR Procurement Card

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, v.9, License
Part # 54026356PU

  • License purchase does not include media
    CD may be ordered separately for $22
  • *Pricing accurate as of October, 2008>>

Install notes:
C&C recommends selecting the “Typical Setup” option

Initial Setup:
To activiate the Comment/Markup options, please follow the steps below:
Tools > Customize Toolbar
Check the following options to display on the “Comment/Markup” Toolbar

  • Stamp Tool
  • Highlight

Stamp Tool setup: The first time the Stamp Tool is selected an “Identity Setup” window will display. Enter Name, Title, Department, etc.
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Q. I have Adobe Publisher, but I don't see the toolbar to access the annotation options, who can help?

A. Please contact the C&C Help Desk at x2-3555 or

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Q. I am a LRSS reconciler, can I review transactions I process through eBuy, iTravel and other campus applications?

A. The LRSS records the fact that you have appropriately reconciled the ledgers for which you are responsible. The process of individual reconciliation is a function of PAN and individual departmental policy. Contact your SAA for further information.
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Q. Must I upload my reconciled ledgers to the Ledger Reconciliation and Storage System?

A. The upload feature is optional. The LRSS records the fact that reconcilers have appropriately reconciled the ledgers for which you are responsible. Depending on the individual department policy, the upload feature may or may not be required. Please contact your SAA for further information.
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Q. I've received an email escalation notice, what should I do or consider?

A. Escalation notices may indicate future difficulty meeting the ledger reconciliation and certification timeline schedule published on this website. It is strongly recommended that department management assess the situation and develop a plan to ensure ledgers are reconciled and certified within the time schedule. Department management may need to confer with their unit's CFAO upon receiving such notices.
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