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Using the LRSS

How to Use LRSS

The Ledger Reconciliation & Storage System has two major areas of functionality:

System Access Administrator (SAA) Tasks:

The first step is to establish Reconciler and Certifier roles within the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). The second step is creating a Ledger Reconciliation Matrix in the Additional Tools section of the Enterprise Access Control System. The Ledger Reconciliation Matrix is a combination of FAU and Reconciler and Certifier responsibilities. more...

There is a series of reports that facilitates your reporting and analysis needs. View a listing of LRSS Reports.

LRSS Reconciler and Certifier Tasks:

Each month, the Accounting Office announces the month-end ledgers are available. At this time, a snapshot is taken of the Ledger Reconciliation Matrix. Based on the Ledger Reconciliation Matrix entries, emails will be sent to the LRSS Reconciler reminding them to reconcile ledgers for the accounting period by the due date.

See ledger reconciliation/certification timeline

Upon receiving email notification, Reconcilers login to the LRSS to determine what needs to be reconciled. Menu options are available to verify the reconciliation process has been completed. LRSS Reconcilers may optionally upload reconciliation documentation. more...

LRSS Certifiers are sent email notifications when LRSS Reconcilers complete the reconciliation process. LRSS Certifiers must login to the LRSS to certify the reconciliation process is complete according to the ledger reconciliation/certification timeline

Note! If the ledgers are not reconciled and/or certified by the due date, various e-mails are sent and escalated depending upon the delinquency of the reconciliation and/or certification.

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