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UCR’s managed desktop service aligns hardware, software, and support resources to create a standard computing platform for staff, faculty, and associated parties. Common administrative tasks associated with system security, maintenance, and data integrity are eliminated from the end user, and administered centrally by IT staff. The result is a secure and stable computing device integrated with robust and scalable support infrastructure.


  Anti-virus & Anti-Malware Inventory Management Remote Support
  Software Center Recommendations Encryption
  Preconfigured Operating System   Managed Environment
      Redirected File Folders
      Automatic Updates & Patching



  • Eliminate duplication of device management systems and reduce operational costs

  • Streamline procurement of devices and software

  • Monitor and reduce power consumption of devices

  • Reduction of FTE requirements for IT support staff

  • Centralize compliance reporting and system health monitoring

  • Minimize data loss risk with uniform backup strategies and encryption

  • Minimize system and data exposure via network protection policies

  • Minimize downtime due to vulnerabilities and outdated software/hardware

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