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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UCR Managed Desktop?

The UCR Managed Desktop is the campus-wide standard environment for desktops and laptops. It refers to computer hardware as well as installed software and additional maintenance services. The Managed Desktop setup gives users access to common software, including campus-licensed applications. It is remotely maintained for you so that updates are automatically sent to each computer, helping keep campus workstations secure.

The Managed Desktop service helps provide faster, more efficient IT support. It can install or reinstall operating systems and applications very quickly, can update software, enable important security practices (such as installing malware protection, who disk encryption, and applying security patches), help identify problems before they become obvious to the end user, help protect workstations in the event of a widespread security issue, and help UCR identify hardware software that would be good candidates for bulk purchasing.

What hardware is supported, eligible, or required?

Please see the Hardware Configuration page.

What if my device does not meet minimum hardware requirements?

Managed Desktop may not run on significantly older hardware. Please contact C&C for consultation and evaluation

How long does installation take?

Initial deployment is launched after business hours and will be completed by the next morning. 

What if the software/application I need is not available in Software Center?

One of the advantages of Managed Desktop is that it is a known, predictable environment, which allows for more complete, knowledgeable and efficient support. The Software Center service includes a growing library of common software and applications found around campus. 

If you have a need for specific software that is not available in Software Center, theIT support staff in your department or unit can work with you to  find the best solution, either by installing the software or requesting it be added to the library of applications. 

What information is being gathered about the managed computers?

The Systems Center tool stores inventory information about the hardware and installed software of the workstations. No user data is stored. The basic hardware and software information makes it possible to remotely support and deploy software installations or updates to appropriate computers. 

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