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Pre-Migration Instructions

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System Center Installation

First in preparation for Managed Desktop was/is to deploy the System Center client to your PC. System Center allows us to inventory the hardware and software on your computer so that we have an accurate record when we restore your applications after the re-image. You might have noticed the following icons in your “Programs” folder: 




CrashPlan Installation

Next is remotely deploying another software program to your computer. This program is CrashPlan and it is designed to backup your entire PC so that we can ensure none of your important documents are lost once you’ve been migrated to Managed Desktop. The backup has been scheduled so as not to consume your system’s resources during the day when you most need them to do your work. The technician scheduled to perform your migration to Managed Desktop will confirm just prior to imaging your PC that we have a complete and current backup of all your data so you can be rest assured that nothing will be lost. When CrashPlan is installed on your computer, you will see the following icon in your system tray:


 And these in your “Programs” folder:


At this phase of the project, we are simply gathering information and preparing your system to be migrated into this new campus offering called “Managed Desktop”. You will be notified well in advance before your scheduled migration date with several email notifications. No action will be taken that might affect your ability to use your computer without prior notice by either IT Services or one of your Managers/Supervisors.

If CrashPlan has failed to install automatically, please follow these instructions for manual installation 



CrashPlan Login

Now that CrashPlan has been deployed to your system it’s time to login so that the backup can commence at its scheduled time. Please perform the following steps at your earliest convenience:

  • Click on the UP arrow (at bottom right corner, near system clock)
  • Right click on the CrashPlan icon
  • Select "Show Application"


  • Login with UCR NetID and password


CrashPlan installation is complete. Within days a complete backup will be stored securely in the cloud and available in the event data restoration is required.



OneDrive Login

  • Double-click the OneDrive system tray icon

  • Enter your in the top box and press enter to be redirected to the UCR CAS logon page

  • Enter your NetID and password into the appropriate boxes


The following characters are not supported by OneDrive:

" # % * : < > ? / \ |

Any attempt to replicate files/folders containing these characters will result in an error as indicated by the red “X” found over the OneDrive icon in your system. Please rename all files/folders that contain unsupported characters prior to your migration date so that we can ensure a successful transition.

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