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Create Event

Getting Started

  • From the Main Menu, click "Create Event"
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  • Select the appropriate organization in the "Accountability Structure" pull-down
  • Enter a contact name and phone number in the "Event Contact Info" area (even if it is the same as the transactor info)
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  • Enter a Start Time and End Time for your event; be sure to choose "am" or "pm" for both the start and end times
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  • On Campus Events:
    • Click the magnifying glass icons next to each field to choose the appropriate area of campus, building, floor, and room number.
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  • Off Campus Events:
    • Click the "Off Campus" radio button
    • Enter the location address and details in the Off Campus Location field
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  • For Courses:
    • Enter the course number, title, and instructor
    • Note that courses do not require that the FAU field be filled in, as courses generally do not require additional fees to reserve equipment
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  • For Events other than courses:
    • Click the "Event" radio button
    • Enter the Event Title and Presenter's name
    • Note that Events require that the FAU field be filled out, as most non-course events require additional fees to reserve equipment. If you feel that your event should not require an FAU, contact Multimedia Technologies.
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  • If FAU is required:
    • Enter the appropriate FAU number in the "FAU Information" fields; click the magnifying glass icons to search for values or type them into the fields
    • To charge more than one FAU, enter a percentage value in the Amount field and click "Add FAU" to confirm and add another FAU field to fill out
  • Click "Next" to proceed, or click "Exit – No Save" to cancel the request
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  • On the next screen, you may optionally enter notes in the "Notes" field
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Adding Items

  • Click the appropriate item type (Equipment, Supplies, or Operator)
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  • Click the "Add" link to the right of the item you would like to request; it will be added to the Items to Request box
  • To add more then one of an item, click its "Add" link multiple times
  • Click the "Close" button when finished adding items for each item type
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  • To remove items, click the subtract icon next to each item you wish to remove
Subtract icon
  • For a one-time event:
    • Either type a date in or click the calendar icon to browse for a date
    • Click Request Items to move the items to the "Requested Items" box at right
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  • For a recurring event:
    • Click the Repeat Items button
    • Either type a start date in the "From" field or use the calendar icon to browse for a date
    • Choose the appropriate day(s)
    • Choose either "For" to specify a number of weeks or "Until" to specify an end date for the recurring event
    • Click "Request" to add the items for all requested dates to the "Requested Items" box at right, or click "Close" to exit the Repeat Request dialog without adding items on a repeating basis
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  • Verify the items in the "Requested Items" box
  • To remove items, click the subtract icon next to each item you wish to remove
  • To see a calendar view of the requested items, click the "Preview" link
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  • If your order is complete, click "Submit"
    • Note that if your Start Date is fewer than three business days away, you will not be able to Submit the order, but must click "Save as WIP" and contact Multimedia Technologies to continue
  • Click "Save as WIP" to save the order as a work in progress without submitting it to Multimedia Technologies, i.e. to work on it later
  • Click "Previous" to edit information from the previous page, e.g. the contact information, start and end time, or event details
  • Click "Exit – No Save" to cancel the request
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