University of California, Riverside


Search Event

  • From the Main Menu, click "Create Event"
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  • Enter your search criteria
    • You may optionally enter an Event Id, User Id (of the transactor), or Department
    • You may specify a date range to search within
    • In the "Status" box, check the appropriate status(es) or click "Check All" to search all statuses.
    • Check "Display Notes" to include any notes entered in the request in the results
    • Check "Start and End Time" to display the events start and end time (in addition to dates)
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  • Click "Display Columns" to choose which columns to display in the results, and in what order they will be displayed
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  •  Choose what information columns to display in the order you would prefer.
    Note: the Event ID column will always be displayed as the leftmost column, and the Action column will always be displayed as the rightmost column.
  • The default columns, in order, are: Start Date, End Date, Building & Room, Instructor, Dropoff/Pickup, and Status
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  • Click "Search"
  • Click the column headings to sort the results table by that column
  • Click "Main Menu" to return to the main menu
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