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Distance Learning through Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a live, interactive, two-way audio/video connection between two or more physically separated locations. Faculty, staff and students can participate in classes and meetings occurring at any location -- worldwide -- that is equipped to handle IP- or ISDN-based connections, be they government, private, or university facilities. Videoconferencing can be a great alternative to in-person meetings, reducing both travel time and expenses.

UC videoconference systems provide users with a full range of capabilities, including:

  • Full motion video
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • VCR/DVD playback and recording
  • Integrated computer-based presentations
  • Multi-point presence (displaying up to four conference sites)

Videoconferencing/Distance Learning is available 24 hours a day; scheduling requires 72 hour notice (3 business days).

Scheduling a Videoconference/Distance Learning Session

Have your department coordinator submit a work order through Media2000 no later than 3 business days prior to your event. If you do not have access to Media2000, please fax a Media Services Request form to x27282.

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