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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My FAU is not in deficit, but it continues to be rejected. Why?

A. OCT compares the transaction amount to the remaining balance in the FAU, and thus decides whether or not to allow the transaction to take place. (For example, if the transaction amount is $100.00, but the FAU remaining balance is only $95.00, the transaction will not be allowed.) 

Q. I made a non-Payroll cost transfer this morning as my FAU was in deficit. This afternoon, I tried to process a purchase through eBuy, but my transaction was still rejected. Why?

A. The FAU balances are updated nightly. Please wait until the following business day to process the transaction.

Q. Which campus systems will and will not be integrated to use the Overdraft Control Tool?

A. Currently, the OCT is not enabled for the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) or the campus Student Information System (SIS). Additionally, the OCT will not check FAUs imbedded within various UCR systems (e.g. FAUs associated with reoccurring monthly charges within the Storehouse, Mail, etc. systems). Computing and Communications (C&C) is working on solutions to address these two issues so that the OCT will execute against all campus business transactions.

By January 31, 2011 the following systems will utilize the OCT for online transactions: eBuy, ePay, iTravel, NCT/FCT/PCT, Physical Plant, Web Recharge, UCLC Registration, Number System, Media 2010, Mail Services, Printing & Reprographics, Fleet Services,
iRecruit Job Requisition, Communications, Storehouse Order, and Storehouse Demurrage.

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