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Overdraft Control Tool

On the Horizon

Based on the initial functionality, overview process, and feedback that is received of this tool, additional features may be potentially deployed. Listed below is additional information regarding proposed and potential features of OCT:

Current Day Transactions

The OCT will be enhanced to contain a "current day" table that all applications use to access transactions as they occur (e.g. as eBuy orders are encumbered, this table will be updated with that order’s amount). The OCT business logic references this table and the FAU balance (as calculated overnight) in order to determine whether the transaction can be processed.

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Reports and Email – PENDING Deficits

A report will be created that alerts UCRFS Default Reviewers (and potentially others) that an FAU combination is nearing deficit. For example, if actual expenditures are at 90% of the current funding, the OCT will generate an email notifying the default reviewer of this status. This email/report will be sent once per day with a list of FAU combinations and the percentage of the current funding that has been expended; the report could EXCLUDE all funds with an end date within 90 days of the report.

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Nightly OCT Calculation to include Encumbrances

On a nightly basis, the OCT could calculate a balance for certain FAU combinations within UCRFS based upon current year funding, actual expenditures, and encumbrances. The OCT business logic currently returns a "Do Not Proceed" message if the current funding compared to actual expenditures balance is in deficit. However, only a WARNING message will appear if the current funding less actual expenditures and encumbrances is in deficit. The emails and reports noted above will be modified to include both the FAU balance, based upon current year funding and actual expenditures only, as well as a balance including encumbrances.

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