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Working with Resources

What are Resources?

A resource is a calendar that is not assigned to a person. Resources can be created to book, or reserve, rooms such as conference rooms and labs, equipment such as laptops and projectors, and can be approved by designated people.

I need a new Resource created, what do I do?

For new resource requests, the department needs to request the creation via email to Once the resource has been created, assigned owners, also known as delegates, maintain the resource.

In the email request to the Helpdesk, please include:

  • If it will be an Office 365 resource
  • The name of the resource
  • The department making the request
  • The names and NetID's for the owners of the resource 


The default view of a resource shows Free or Busy times with the person's name who booked the room. All Office 365 users can view whether a room is available or not by viewing the resource calendar directly or by using the Scheduling Assistant. However, not everyone can book rooms nor see all the details of a room.

  • Delegates

    A delegate can see all details, edit all details, and is the meeting room “secretary”. They receive the requests for accepting or denying any bookings. There should be only one delegate per room.

How to Book a Resource

Resources need to be added to meetings via the "Add Room" button. Resources should NOT be booked from the resource calendar directly! 

Use the Scheduling Assistant tab or click "Add Room'.  A list of rooms in your department will display or you can choose to view more. 

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