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Junk Mail Filtering

Junkmail Settings

Some rules are OWA only (server-side), and some rules are Outlook only (client-side). There are some specific rules operations that will not work in the server-side and are limited to the client only.

OWA cannot edit client-side only rules created by Outlook (rules such as notify user, play sound if rule matches). It will prompt the user if they would like to disable these rules. If the user chooses disable, the client side rules will be disabled. If they choose cancel, they cannot edit any rules in OWA and must use Outlook for rule editing.

OWA Junk Filtering Rules

  1. Right click on an email that you wish to report as junk.
  2. Select "Mark as Junk"

Block and Allow (more on filtering)

Use the Block or Allow settings to help control unwanted and unsolicited email messages by creating and managing lists of email addresses and domains that you trust and those that you don’t. To manage junk email settings see the Block and Allow Office help site.

Outlook Junk Mail Filters

Follow these steps for an optional rule setup of Outlook to automatically move email identified by you as junk mail into the Junk E-Mail folder.

Setting Up The Junk Mail Filter For Outlook 2016

1. Go to the Home Tab

2. Click on the Rules drop down selection and click Manage Rules & Alerts...


3. Click on "New Rule..." in the pop-up window


4. From the list, choose "Apply rule on messages I receive."  Press the next button at the bottom



 5. Select what type of conditions you want to apply from the Rules Wizard and press Next.



6. In "What do you want to do with this message?" select "move it to the specified folder". 

7. Choose the "Junk Email" folder and click "Ok"


8. Click Finish

  • Go to Actions (or the HOME tab) ->Junk (E-Mail)->Junk E-Mail Options.  A new window will appear.  Set the option for "No Automatic Filtering."  Press OK to return to Outlook.

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