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Student Email vs Staff Email

When a student transitions to a staff role, a new account is created. There are multiple aliases for both a student R'Mail account and an Office 365 account. Below is a list of statements to be aware of when a student becomes staff..

  • Students and alums have accounts on R'Mail. Mail sent to,, and go to the R'Mail account.
  • When a student becomes staff, a new mailbox is created within Office 365. Mail sent to and now get directed to the new Office 365 account.
  • The and aliases continue to route to the R'Mail account.
  • When the student is no longer employed in those roles, the Office 365 account is decommissioned. is then re-associated with the R'Mail account and becomes an undeliverable address.
  • is the only alias that changes its routing to the appropriate email box dependent upon student vs staff

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